Air transportation law

In the field of air transportation, the firm provides advice and assistance on:


  • aircrafts construction, transfer and licensing contracts;
  • financing and leasing contracts concerning aircrafts management and acquisition;
  • contracts relating to all services provided in the field of transportation, especially airport services;
  • contracts relating to all transportation auxiliary services provided;

out-of-court assistance:

  • access to the market, competition and regulation of airport and transportation services;
  • administrative problems about the management of airport and transportation;<
  • infrastructures, and relation with supervisory and regulation authority and maritime and aviation administration;

for the rights under the Community Regulation 261/2004

  • flights cancellations;
  • flight delays;
  • denied boarding;

for the rights under the Community Regulation 889/2002:

  • loss, damage and destruction of luggage;

for the rights under the Civil Law Code and special laws:

  • damages to humans and animals during the performance of the transportation contract;
  • child abandonment during the air transport;
  • denied assistance to people with disabilities.